7 small spaces that could be converted into saunas

In the UK there’s a massive lack of saunas around for people to enjoy. And it would cost millions to establish lots of new saunas across the country. So rather than build new ones why don’t we just use the unloved buildings we have and convert them into saunas! Here’s a few examples  of some small buildings that could make great saunas….


Most gardens have them and all they’re usually good for are storing some rusty garden tools. They already look pretty much like a sauna, so it wouldn’t take too much of an imagination leap to see them as working saunas. If every household with a shed changed its usage into a sauna the UK could be a saunaing nation within a week!


Beach Huts

I’m not sure if these quirky buildings exist much outside the UK but they could be great saunas. They’re empty for most of the year save for a few weekends where families use them to protect themselves from British ‘summer’ (i.e. rain). But by converting the beach hut into a sauna and with the sea substituting as the plunge pool you’d be able to have an invigorating sauna experience all year round.



One for the extroverts! Most glasshouses are unused and only contain a few dead tomatoe plants. But with just a few additions these see-through buildings could be converted to create sauna conservatories. Not only would the sauna benefit from natural light but you’d be able to see the nature outside whilst you sweat.


Public toilets

After a deep clean and a bit of imagination these unloved buildings could become great community sauna assets. Just put £1 in and get 20 mins of sauna time!


Empty shops

There’s a growing trend in the UK of micro-pubs. These are one room pubs that follow the basic premise of KIS, KIS – Keep It Small, Keep It Simple. Traditional and basic this new style of pub often takes over empty shops as the rent is cheap. Using the same concept the model could be applied to saunas. Every high street could have one!


Telephone boxes

The downside of everyone having a mobile phone these days is that it’s left a graveyard of thousands of unloved phone boxes on our streets (58,500 in the UK to be precise) . They might not be appropriate for a sauna conversion but if you put three together you could make a convenient changing room, steam room and shower!


Abandoned cars

You just need to convert the engine to take coals, add a funnel and put a plunge pool in the boot. And voila – enjoy a sauna ride!


Any thoughts on other buildings/spaces that could be converted?


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